Nissan Patrol Cummins 4.5 Engine Conversion to suit Manual


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Cummins 4.5L to Nissan Patrol Conversion

FROM 170HP ? 600NM
These engines tick all the boxes for long range touring and towing.

But why should you spend the time converting when you could just buy a new car?

You have a GU Patrol, and you?ve acquired probably $50-60,000 worth of accessories over the years ? it?s everything you need and more ? but that pesky ZD30 worries you or worst case, it?s already blown. At this point in time you find yourself at a crossroads with three options.
1) Do you repair the ZD30 (or other) at a cost of approximately $14,000 for this to potentially happen again in a few years?
2) Do you upgrade to a new Landcruiser at $60-120k, and then spend another $50-60,000 decking it out to the extent of your current Patrol?
3) Do you spend money on converting the car you already know and trust for an all round reliable package?
From conversations we have on a daily basis, the majority are thinking the same as you.
The engine of choice is the Cummins 4.5L Common Rail Diesel ? the perfect combination of size, efficiency and power.


The Cummins 4.5L Common Rail Engine is the future of diesel conversions for 4WD vehicles. The 4.5L is a compete redesign, these are not a 4BT, neither are they just a B-Series block bored out, but a real common rail beast. Like the B-Series, they are not a wet sleeve, this saves a lot on weight as the casting doesn?t need to be as heavy, cooling is more efficient as well with excellent coolant gallery design through both the head and block.
Our entry level 4.5L’s are 170HP and 600NM standard at the wheels, which is perfect for our 4?4 client base who enjoy spending their weekends caravanning, boating and driving long distances. The possibilities of more power and grunt are enormous, and these motors have the strength to become bitumen shredding torque monsters with very little work.
The 4.5L engine is a 4 cylinder, 107mm bore, 124mm stroke with a 16 valve head and central vertical injection. As well as being a turbo charged, high pressure common rail engine with a 17.3:1 compression ration and no glow plugs, it?s main design is based on the modern 6.7L truck engine that you can find in a Dodge RAM.

From the head down, the design is the norm for modern, medium diesels with 4 valves per cylinder and the injector mounted centrally and vertically, compared to the old 4BT and 6BT which use side injection and an off center piston bowl.
The 24 valve heads are a cut down version of a model known for their excellent coolant flow and heat exchange capabilities throughout their power range, owing to optimal coolant gallery design.

As the pistons, conrods and most other internal parts are from the 6.7L with rated standard torque of 1100nm, there is more than adequate built in strength present to keep it all running smoothly up to 400hp, without the need for modification.

The cam and aux drive is via a geared drive train at the rear of the engine that drives the cam, fuel pump and accessory gear, as the timing gears are sandwiched between the rear of the block and the front of the alloy adaptor plate, this reduces timing gear noise vastly compared to the old front gears of the B-series using a tin cover that essentially acted as an acoustic amplifier.

Expected economy range in your average Nissan set up to tour the country us about 10-12L/100KM?up to 14L/100km depending on your individual set up, regardless these figured will be much better than late model V8 Landcruisers or standard engines like the ZD30, TD42, 1HZ etc with the identical set up.

Being the original innovator of the Cummins 4.5L Conversion into Patrols, we have adaptor plates ready to go, to bolt these weapon engines up to standard Patrol 5SP manual gearboxes, standard RE4 Patrol automatic transmissions.

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